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Amnesty: Detention of Academics New Assault on Freedom of Expression

Described in a televised speech Tuesday by President Tayyip Erdogan as “traitors”  academics who had signed a speech critical of Turkish military operations in the south-east are now the target of harassment, threats, and police investigations.    The detention of … Continue reading

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The Murder of Sarai Sierra as Canary in the Turkish Coal Mine

An effective contextualization by Vanessa H. Larson of the brutal murder of Sarai Sierra.  Larson highlights the extent to which Turkish women are subject to domestic and other forms of violence: While Sierra’s and Bacca’s high-profile murders have received disproportionate … Continue reading

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A Dark Christmas for Armenians in Turkey

A shadow hangs over the Armenian community of Istanbul as it celebrates Christmas this January 6.  On December 28, one of its oldest members, Maritsa Küçük, was brutally murdered in her home. Details of the murder are still limited, but … Continue reading

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