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From Maraş to Roboski: Remembering and Forgetting in Turkey

In my blog last Friday, I briefly noted the efforts of local authorities in Turkey to suppress commemorations of the brutal Maraş massacre and noted that this action, apparently in contravention of basic norms regarding freedom of expression and assembly, … Continue reading

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The Trail of Impunity: Roboski and Okmeydani

The protests which have shaken Turkey in the aftermath of Berkin Elvan’s death at age fifteen have generated many shocking images.  Grainy photographs from protests in Roboski/Qileban, however, struck a particular nerve with me because they highlight the extent to … Continue reading

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The Strange case of Sevan Nişanyan

The wheels of justice in Turkey sometimes turn slowly or not at all.  Consider the case of Ali Ismail Korkmaz, where key evidence incriminating police in his death was “deleted.”  Or the shocking lack of credible investigation in the Turkish … Continue reading

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Human Rights Watch: Turkey “increasingly autocratic”

Human Rights Watch issued its annual report today.  The section on Turkey notes some positive steps, including a reform package, efforts at a peace process with Kurds in Turkey, and the hosting of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees.  Nonetheless, … Continue reading

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