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Amnesty: Freedom of Expression in Turkey Deteriorates in 2015

“Countless unfair criminal prosecutions, including under criminal defamation and anti-terrorism laws, targeted political activists, journalists and others critical of public officials or government policy. Ordinary citizens were frequently brought before the courts for social media posts.”  That’s the grim portrait … Continue reading

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Amnesty’s Annual Report 2015: “Marked Deterioration” of Human Rights in Turkey

In a few short pages, Amnesty International’s 2015 Annual Report detailed a rapidly deteriorating human rights environment in Turkey, particularly after the 2015 parliamentary elections and the outbreak of violence between the Turkish government and Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) in … Continue reading

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Another shocking attack on freedom of expression in Turkey

Today’s raids on Turkish media outlets are “yet another shocking attack on journalists and freedom of expression in Turkey, and come just four days before a crucial parliamentary election on Sunday,” according to Amnesty International in a statement released today. … Continue reading

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Erdogan proclaims Turkey’s press “freest in world” as harassment of journalists intensifies

terrorism police just searched my house, team of 8 guys. they take me to the station now. charge: 'propaganda for terrorist organization' — Frederike Geerdink (@fgeerdink) January 6, 2015 Without even a trace of a smile, Turkish President, Recep Tayyip … Continue reading

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Çarşı on trial: Turkey’s war on dissent takes a tragicomic turn

It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.  In their determination to root out all opposition, Turkish authorities today called members of the soccer fan club, Çarşı, to court under the same broadly phrased anti-terror statutes that were employed … Continue reading

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New wave of attacks target journalists in Turkey

News reports this morning describe large scale police operations across Turkey today.  The main target appears to be media associated with the influential Gulenist movement, once an important part of the AKP coalition, but, for the past year, targeted by … Continue reading

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