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Two good court decisions. Two bad prosecutions.

Yesterday, saw two positive court decisions in Turkey.   But the sad fact is that the judges made the right decision in two cases that should have never been brought to court, that represent a terrifying politicization of the criminal justice … Continue reading

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The Pinar Selek Case: The “Ground Hog Day Prosecution”

One of the great romantic comedies of my youth was Groundhog Day, the story of a misanthrope news reporter doomed to repeat the same awful day over and over again until he got it right. The news today that a … Continue reading

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Turkey applies for Pınar Selek’s extradition

According to press reports, Turkey has applied to France for the extradition of Pınar Selek, who was sentenced this past January to life imprisonment for a 1998 bombing at the Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul. Selek’s kafkaesqe trial has been widely … Continue reading

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Human Rights Watch Report: Strengthen Law Reform Bill

Earlier this week, Human Rights Watch issued a report on prospective judicial reform in Turkey. While it notes several positive steps, it highlights a series of weaknesses in the reforms currently envisioned, including the fact that “reforms leave unchanged article … Continue reading

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Human Rights Watch highlights on-going concerns in Turkey

Human Rights Watch, in its newly issued 2013 World Report, has highlighted some of the most serious human rights issues in Turkey, including attacks on freedom of expression, assembly, and association, violence against women, and excessive force by security services.

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