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Rihanna, Shakira, and RTUK

According to press reports, a music video featuring Shakira and Rihanna has run afoul of Turkey’s government broadcast agency, RTUK. Private broadcasters of the video have received fines for airing the video, which, according to RTUK,  features “erotic dancing” and … Continue reading

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Waiting for Justice Amidst the Tear Gas

26-year-old Ethem Sarisuluk was shot in the head by a Turkish police officer on June 1, 2013.  He died of his injuries two weeks later. As described in Amnesty’s recent report on the Gezi crackdown: The moment when the police … Continue reading

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Reports: Another Murder of Transgender Woman in Turkey

A number of media outlets have reported yet another murder of a transgender woman in Turkey, this time in the tourist town of Kusadasi.  According to reports, Dora Özer was brutally murdered in a knife attack. Violent attacks on transgender … Continue reading

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Protests, Arrests, and a Shooting

The last few days have been eventful ones in Turkey. Pride Week ended with a huge and successful Pride March in Taksim.  Amnesty has long campaigned on LGBTI Rights in Turkey. Discriminatiespot Turkije from AmnestyNL on Vimeo. There was darker … Continue reading

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More police violence against peaceful protestors in Istanbul

Thousands gathered with flowers in #taksim square in #istanbul but police used tear gas and water cannon again. #gezipark — muratcekic (@muratcekic) June 22, 2013 Turkish protestors have demonstrated remarkable creativity in their response to government efforts to stifle their … Continue reading

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New concerns and ways to take action

Amnesty International today voiced its concern that the ban on  public assembly in Taksim Square will put proposed Pride Marches at risk.  Amnesty argues that “not allowing peaceful gatherings in one of Istanbul’s most iconic squares is a serious assault … Continue reading

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